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  • Rewards points never expire and accrue in your account until you redeem them.

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*Already Hosted a Party With Us?

Party Hosts get some extra bonuses from the rewards program!  Your website photo gallery will remain active and take orders for as long as you're a member.  Previously the photo gallery included with your party was free for only 30 days, then would cost $10 per month to keep it going.  In the rewards program, you and your guests can enjoy the hundreds of photos anytime.  Also, your guests who didn't pick their favorite images during the initial 30 days can still order their 5 free photos anytime.

Also as the host, you’ll get a TWIN PRINT COPY of every photo ordered by your guests that you don’t have yet.  If your 20 guests order their 5 photos, that's 100 free photos for you.  Each is worth $3 so that’s a $300 value to you.

To recap, here's the value you get as a past host joining the rewards program for just $10 per month...

  • $240 is the value by redeeming the 240 rewards points accrued during the year.
  • $110 is the value for 11 more months photo gallery access beyond the first one that is already included with your party package.
  • $300 is the value of your 100 twin-print copies of photos ordered (for free) by your guests.  If there are more guests, or some guests pick extra photos, this could be even higher!

So after your party, you’ll get a value up to $650, for just $10 per month.

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