Li’l Chefs offers many themed cooking parties. Elements can be combined and new ones added to make your party exactly the way you want it.

Our most popular kids cooking parties:

1. Pizza Cooking Party (Learn how to make pizza dough from scratch while creating your own personal pan pizza.)

2. Dress-Up Tea Party (Little ladies experience tea time goodies while wearing hats, boas, and fun jewels.) Characters like Cinderella have been known to attend!

3. “I Love Lucy” Candy Factory (Join Lucy & Ethel in the Candy Factory as you learn to mold your own chocolate lollipops, Oreos, marshmallow, and pretzel projects)

4. Worldwide Passports (Journey with us to foreign lands like Italy, Mexico, China, Japan, or France.)

5. Experimenting With Food (Science and food mix it up in your laboratory kitchen.)

6. Dining Through The Decades (Choose an era and the food, music, and atmosphere will reflect the time period) Click here for an album of photos from a Retro Birthday Party.

7. Li’l Partner Round-Up (Cowboys and cowgirls get to fix grub like in the Wild Wild West.)

8. Circus Days (Have enough fun for a barrel of monkeys with animal inspired food and colorful backdrops.)

9. American Girl Party (Each American Girl doll will have its own customized menu or Tea Party menu.)

10. Character Party (Let your favorite Sesame Street, Disney, Looney Tunes, Nickelodeon, and other story characters be the hit of the party with theme foods and specialty desserts.)

11. Hawaiian Luau (Aloha to tropical food, grass skirted tables, and the limbo.)

12. Army Party (At Ease while enjoying food prepared by our littlest soldiers as they run through drills)

Please contact us when your little one’s big day is approaching. We custom print unique invitations, offer digital photography and video, and other optional party packages. is also available for cooking workshops & demonstrations, After-School Programs, Girl Scout or Boy Scout troops, bookstores, libraries, camps & charitable events.

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