Fun on the Farm Day

July is National Blueberry Month! So, in 2009 Special Events created an event called Fun on the Farm Day, where families from Manhattan to Montauk gathered at Wickham's Fruit Farm in Cutchogue to pick juicy blueberries, make a batch of blueberry jam & blueberry desserts, learn about bees, take a picturesque wagon ride, and more!

Check out our very first Fun on the Farm Day event captured by a video journalist from FIOS "Push Pause!"

  Press the PLAY button above to see the movie.

You'll love Chef Paula's recipe for delicious Blueberry Freezer Jam, which you can get by sending an email to Paula[at]

Unlike traditional jam that is cooked, this jam uses a special instant pectin, and does not require cooking the fruit. So, the nutrients in the fruit are not boiled out.

You can keep freezer jam in the freezer for up to one year. When you want to slather some on your toast, take it out of the freezer, put it on the counter until it reaches room temperature, and enjoy! Also, it will stay fresh in the fridge for up to 3 weeks. But, mine never lasts that long!

Testimonials (in the video!)

  • Michelle K. said, "Oh, I think this was wonderful. We're going to do more of these programs. I'm so glad we came today, even though the weather was warm. We had a really great time. The blueberries were really good!"

  • Gigi said, "I can't wait to put this jam on, and make my own jam. Also make some blueberry muffins. I can't wait for all the delicious stuff to come. That's a whole month of dieting here, but that's ok.

  • Nadia said "I tasted it, and it's good!"