Happy Father’s Day 2015!

On Wednesday evening while heading to yoga, I heard a question come over the radio airwaves on "Delilah," and knew this was something I wanted to share on my Father's Day post. The question was,"What would most women say was the most memorable moment between themselves and their fathers?" Quickly, I figured for most women, it would be the daddy-daughter dance at her wedding. But, for me, it was something totally different, and yet, so meaningful.

Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn - Father's Day 1999

Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn - Father's Day 1999

A few weeks before I got married and moved to Long Island, Dad and I took some Italian cooking classes in Manhattan. At the end of the last class in the series, he and I waited for the express bus to take us back to Brooklyn. I saw him looking at me, and he came over and gave me a huge bear hug, and said, "I'm really going to miss these days with you!" In that moment, we both realized that life as we knew it was going to change forever. So, on 3rd Avenue waiting for that Brooklyn bound express bus, Dad and I hugged it out, and savored our soon-to-be last weekly outing for awhile.

From childhood on, Dad and I used to spend one night a week together doing fun things. My mom was a very smart woman. She encouraged us to spend concentrated time with each other. It gave her a chance to play mah jongg with the girls or get her hair done. But, there were plenty of nights she waited anxiously at home to hear about our adventures. I think it really was a time for Dad and me to bond over food at a recently discovered new restaurant or a movie screening or show.

Today is the 14th Father's Day that we are not together as a family eating my Stuffed Challah French Toast. I miss the time we spent talking, dreaming big, working on projects together, gourmet food shopping, and just being with each other.

Happy Father's Day to you, Dad! You and Mom are cherished and missed each and every day! Please continue to watch over Michael and me! We are doing everything we can to honor your memory by inspiring a passion for food in others!

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