Fashionista Cupcake Toppers

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By Paula Gottlieb Herman

With Fashion Week quickly winding down here in NY, running from September 5-12, I thought it would be a great idea to post my Fashionista Cupcake Toppers. Every makeup tool is edible! Soft Eating Licorice is the star of this project runway, since it became the handle for the mascara wand (add a mini pretzel stick, dip in melted chocolate, and sprinkle on chocolate jimmies), the top of the nail polish bottle (use pretty girly color Laffy Taffy for the polish), the tube for the lipstick (with your fingertips, mold your favorite pucker up color from a Tootsie Roll or Laffy Taffy), and the blush brush handle (soft caramel chew sculpted to look like the bristle head). Soft Eating Licorice is an Australian candy, much more pliable to work with, absolutely delicious, and available in the candy aisle at supermarkets, specialty markets, and even drug stores.

I came up with the idea to make the eye shadow trio palate out of a 1/4 Hershey bar and Laffy Taffy for the powders. The eye shadow brush is made from another little pretzel stick coated in melted chocolate and the sponge tip is a white Tootsie Roll (or you can use a slightly flattened mini marshmallow). I also created the blush compact out of 2 Nilla Wafers, a white Toostsie roll (mirror), and pink Tootsie roll (blush). For extra "bling" you can paint on silver luster/pearl dust or add silver sprinkles to the mirror.

These Fashionista Cupcake Toppers are ideal for Mom's Night Out, Bridal Showers, Sweet 16's, or any time you want to add a little splash of color to your life!

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