Lotsa Matzo Memories

By Paula Gottlieb Herman

What does The Mama Doni Band, matzo warm from the oven, chocolate layered marble halvah, and a pressed chicken sandwich all have in common? They were some of the amazing treats I experienced on the Lower East Side last Sunday.

The Lower East Side has always held a special place in my heart since my Dad was born there, my Bubbe taught me to make chicken soup there; we could buy pickles from a barrel, delicious knishes of every flavor, bialys with just the right amount of onion, and the most delicate flavored smoked fish.  As a little girl, after my first subway ride from our apartment in Brooklyn to Manhattan, I was hooked!

Chef Paula with Mama Doni

Chef Paula with Mama Doni at the Streit's Mazo Factory

On Sunday, March 10th, I reconnected with these roots by first attending Passover Palooza, the musical performance of Mama Doni and her band at the Streit’s Matzo Factory on Rivington Street, and then leading a walking tour to a few of Dad’s old haunts.

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