5 Responses to “Fun on the Farm Day 2010”

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  1. Sandra S. says:

    It was a fantastic day of learning in a beautiful environment.

  2. Amy from Rocky Point says:

    Had a great time!

  3. Barbara W. says:

    Thank you for a wonderful time!! Chef Paula did an amazing job!!!

  4. Theresa from Seaford says:

    We all loved the “Fun on the Farm” day. It was so much fun…and educational!

  5. William J Muller III says:

    Paula, the Muller family had a great day at your farm event. Grace has talked about it all week. I was showing people in the office pictures of the day because I assume everyone wants to see pictures of Grace and they were all impressed with the amount of varied activities the day provided. I am hoping you do something like this in the Fall as well. Jam is great by the way.

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